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Another arctic blast

Another arctic blast is hunkering down in Colorado, and we are making sure that all of the winterizing around our house in Old Town is done so that we don’t have to do any more of it. Thankfully, we had the roof redone a couple weeks ago when the weather was still good, so that’s officially marked off the list. The Roofing Company that came in did a heck of a job, and we were so happy with the job that they did that we wanted to recommend them and their work. We sifted through so many options when it came to getting a new roof that we didn’t know which way is up. Do we go with a big national company, or do we go with a company that is local, small, and will take good care of us?

In the end, we went with the local company, and decided that because we had some bad experiences with big national companies for other services in the past where they made us feel like just another number.

Now that the roof is complete, we can concentrate on the weekend. It already feels like it should be Monday now because Thanksgiving was two days ago, and the long weekend is here, meaning that I’ve already had two days off, and tomorrow we will just sit around all day watching football and putting up the Christmas Lights. My wife stays on me pretty good about putting up the Christmas Lights right after Thanksgiving day, and I like to get it done so I don’t have anything to do but shop for presents until Christmas day rolls around.

Neither of us really have a hankering to go out and brave the long lines on Black Friday, and the last time that I went out to buy something on Black Friday was about 4 years ago when I went to Best Buy at around 11am to buy a LED TV. The lines were a little shorter by that time, and I didn’t have to battle anyone for a 46 inch Samsung. I’ve seen some online videos in the past couple of days that have been pretty funny but sad to watch. People fighting (with their kids close by) for a certain gadget or gift that everyone wants. Commercialism at it’s best!

Right now it’s about 20 degrees outside, and I can’t get much done outside of the house even though we desperately need to clean out our shed and get some of the holiday decorations out. I’ll go get a box or two, and that’ll be it  for being outside until I head down to the Broncos game tomorrow. That’s gonna be a cold one, but hopefully worth it in the end.

Have you put up your Christmas Lights yet, or decorated your house for the holidays? If you get it done before December 1st, it feels oh so good, and you can knock that off your list!

Oh, by the way, here’s a picture of the snow on my brand new roof. We got a few inches, but nothing that we can’t handle.

Our Roof with Snow on it 001Our Roof with Snow on it 003